Sacred & Secular

Sacred & Secular are a vocal and instrumental music collective overseen by Mo-Mutt Music, with assistance from Shade Tree Entertainment. The ensemble, which has a fluid lineup and typically ranges in performing size from one musician to a septet, regularly performs for church services at St. Luke's, where it is based. Sacred & Secular perform a mix of sacred music and secular material that references religious imagery, traditions and concepts.

Albums produced by Sacred & Secular can be found on most digital streaming platforms and available on CD.

Musicians who regularly perform with Sacred & Secular are (in alphabetical order) ...
*Karen Grenawalt, viola
*Robin Harvey, guitar/vocals
*Phyllis Hopper, guitar/cello/vocals/arranger
*Jolene Loftin, vocals (alto)
*Jim McGrane, electric bass/upright bass/percussion/mandolin/vocals
*Sandy Myerchin, 12-string guitar/vocals
*E.E. Pointer, trumpet/musical consultant
*Shawn Roney, autoharp/electric bass/upright bass/harmonica/keyboard/percussion/vocals
*Brenda Yingling, cello/vocals
*Steve Yingling, violin/vocals

Musicians who occasionally perform with Sacred & Secular are ...
*Rob Hobgood, arranger/musical consultant
*Cindy Love-Weese, piano/keyboard/organ
*Patricia Martinez, vocals (soprano)
*Jeff McFadden, lap steel guitar/pedal steel guitar/vocals
*Joe Toma, violin/vocal conductor/arranger

In addition, there are three musicians who have agreed to be a part of Sacred & Secular but have not yet performed with the ensemble. They are ...
*Kathy Cooper, guitar/vocals
*Sue Davault, guitar/vocals
*Chuck McGrane, percussion

Inactive and/or former members (who are welcome to perform with Sacred & Secular again if/when the opportunity arises) are ...
*Bernadette "Bunny" Bray, vocals (alto)
*Miriam Trappett, violin/vocals

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