Welcome visitors!

St. Luke’s Episcopal Church is a member parish of the Episcopal Diocese of West Missouri. We are a community boldly acting in the ways of God as revealed in the life of Jesus. Our history page describes the establishment of our locally, historically registered building. Our relationship to community visitors includes the use of our facility for weddings, as described on the Weddings page.


In person Eucharist services are held the first and third Sundays of the month.

Phase Two Pastoral Direction – May 4, 2020

These Guidelines address the new reality in which we find ourselves as well as the practical reality of continuing the work of Christ in the world. It is intended to be a resource for clergy, Vestries, and Bishop’s Committees to consider in advance of offering in-person worship and formation. Setting clear expectations and sharing plans with our communities in advance will help make a return to in-person worship joyful, meaningful, and above all safe. For letter and full direction from the Rt. Rev. Martin S. Field, Bishop of West Missouri, click here.

This will be morning prayer for the first two weeks. Please read and review PHASE TWO GUIDELINES, submitted and approved by the Bishop. Please know that your participation in attending service is a personal choice and by no means something that anyone can decide for you.  If you’re not ready to come to church now, we hope to see you soon. We would appreciate your continued financial support.