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St. Luke’s Episcopal Church is a member parish of the Episcopal Diocese of West Missouri. We are a community boldly acting in the ways of God as revealed in the life of Jesus. Our history page describes the establishment of our locally, historically registered building. Our relationship to community visitors includes the use of our facility for weddings, as described on the Weddings page.

We will next meet in person on June 6, which will be my first Sunday celebrating the Holy Eucharist in Excelsior Springs after being ordained a priest this Saturday. Please pray for me as I pray for you.

The Rev. Isaac Petty
Deacon, St. Luke’s Episcopal Church

In person Eucharist services are held the first and third Sundays of the month.

Covid-19 update

In honoring the work of the Bishop’s Committee in implementing safety protocols and acknowledging the effectiveness of the vaccines, our Bishop has rescinded his general requirements for safety protocols and is leaving local leadership to continue to decide safest routes forward. The Bishop’s Committee of St. Luke’s Church has moved to adopt the following revisions to our safety guidelines: click here.

Watch Services Livestream

Thanks to Larry Hopkins and the assistance of Phil Kelman, wireless internet has been installed and the audio-visual equipment for livestreaming is now launched! Access our YouTube Livestream Channel link below.


You can make donations or pledge payments from your checking account via PayPal or with any major credit or debit card. Please note that the donation will be directed to The Diocese of West Missouri’s account but they will absorb all of the processing costs and forward your full donation to us.