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St. Luke’s Episcopal Church is a member parish of the Episcopal Diocese of West Missouri. We are a community boldly acting in the ways of God as revealed in the life of Jesus. Our history page describes the establishment of our locally, historically registered building. Our relationship to community visitors includes the use of our facility for weddings, as described on the Weddings page.


Joy of Music Concert:
The Laetitiae Chamber Choir and instrumentalists will present a benefit concert of sacred and classical chamber music featuring choir, harp, and organ on Sunday afternoon, January 20 at 3 p.m., here at the church. This concert will last about an hour and is free and open to the public with a suggested donation of 25 per family which will directly benefit the students of Our Lady’s Montessori School, 3020 S. 7th St., Kansas City, MO.

January 19, 2019Dear Parish Family,

The New Year has begun and here at St. Luke’s we begin the season not only of Epiphany, but a season of construction. As you all know, we have decided to waterproof our basement and as a result, a lot of changes will occur in the coming weeks.

The first change is that the restroom in the basement will not be accessible, as the stairway to the basement will have to be removed and reinstalled as part of the water control system to be installed. The only access to the basement will be the back door through the kitchen. We have one restroom on the main floor and it is through the door to the right of the pulpit and on through the second sacristy/office and then to your right.

The second change is that coffee hour will have to occur in the Nave of the church so it will have to be simple. I am not sure what that will mean, but I have heard comments of wine and cheese etc.

The third change probably does not matter much as few of you will be going into the basement, but the kitchen will be dismantled for this work.

The fourth change is that Sunday school will have to be put on hold, as we will not have a room to hold the classes. In fact all activities that have been going on at the church will have to be suspended or be held in the Nave including the annual meeting.

Worship will go on as usual, though it is likely that the organ may be out of commission for a Sunday or two as the primary pump has to be moved in order to gain access to the wall next to it, but efforts will be made to get that handled as quickly as possible.

We are still making decisions about the final finishing of the interior, as a contract for that work has not been let. Waterproofing however is settled and work can begin immediately.

This will be disruptive for sure, but it will be a wonderful matter to have completed and behind us and should end the years of musty wet floors and the hard work of bailing out the water after storms.

We are all in this project together having unanimously voted to do it. It is a very significant change and upgrade to our church home. Please remember our goal as things proceed, since it is a construction project and things never go quite as expected in a construction project. Every effort will be made to move forward as efficiently as possible toward the good end we all hope for. Keep the project in your prayers. Please continue to give toward the work and toward the operations of the church as this is very important to keep things moving forward smoothly.

Finally remember, we are in the first phase of a number of projects to take care of our building for the ministry of our church going into the future. So we ask for your patience and perseverance as we move forward in this journey.

May we all be of good Cheer,
Fr. John