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Sunday Eucharist is at 10 a.m.

We are located across
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historic Elms Hotel.
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Photos of St. Luke's garden by Marty Williams


John A. Coil, born and raised in Northern Indiana, is an Episcopal priest ordained deacon June 18, 1977 and priest January 8, 1978. He has served congregations very large and very small in Oklahoma and Missouri. He is currently vicar of St. Luke’s Episcopal Church in Excelsior Springs, Missouri.

He is the president and chairman of the board of John A. Coil & Associates, Inc., a firm that consults with congregations of all religions in congregational transition, renewal and planning, policy governance, and conflict resolution. He has published several articles focusing on the support and development of clergy in Congregations, the Alban Institute’s magazine.

Fr. Coil also owns Jacanda Hardscape Co., a high-end stone and paver landscaping company. He is the managing partner of Jacanda Holdings, LLC, which is involved in all facets of the housing industry from construction to property management and sales. He is a strategic business partner with Profiles International, a corporation which provides information to enhance productivity in the human side of commerce.

Fr. Coil is a member Kansas City Rotary Club #13. He lives in the Kansas City Area with his wife Janette of 35 years and he has 3 grown children. He enjoys camping, computers, reading biographies and science fiction, and most of all spending time with his wife and family. He can be reached at 7917 Lamar Ave. Prairie Village, KS 66208, telephone 913-341-1277, or by e-mail at johnacoil@jacanda.com. Fr. Coil’s website can be found at www.jacanda.com.


St. Luke's, like other parishes in the Episcopal Church, is led by a Vestry or Bishop's Committee composed of the vicar and elected members of the congregation. The committee meets monthly to carry out the business and affairs of the parish.

2017 Bishop’s Committee:
Warden Diane Montague
Junior Warden Larry Hopkins
Nate Johnson
Shawn Roney
Jolene Loftin
Jenny Wood

In addition parishioners serve as or through:
Lay Eucharistic Ministers
Lay Eucharistic Visitors
Altar Guild
Sunday School Teachers
Coffee Hour
Lay Delegates to Diocesan Conventions
Newsletter and Bulletin Volunteers
Liturgy Coordinators

In the community St. Luke’s gives:

Assistance to the Good Samaritan Center
• food pantry donations
• support for other GSC projects

The beauty of the church garden

In the world we support:

Shoes for Souls
(Marcha Tietjen's project of assistance to the homeless at Grand Avenue Temple in Kansas City)

Project SY
(Jennifer Coil's project for assistance to AIDS orphans in Tanzania)

Botswana Palapye Project Water and other needs for the orphan camp in Botswana


The Episcopal Church is a member of the Anglican Communion, derived from the Church of England and sharing with it traditions of faith and order as set forth in the Book of Common Prayer. We are bound together with other members of the Communion by our liturgy, by the prayers we have in common. Our traditions include attitudes that are Protestant and Catholic, both ancient and reformed, both liberal and conservative.

We are a church with few “shoulds,” pointing out, but not dictating, a response to God. Episcopalians find the source for our expression of faith equally in the Scriptures, Reason, and Tradition.

The Holy Scriptures
Christianity is a religion based on the person of Jesus Christ and not on a book. Our means of knowing Jesus is contained in the Scriptures, especially in the Gospels. We believe a continuing and never-ending relationship with the Scriptures is a necessary aspect of our life in the church. We do believe the Scriptures were intended to be interpreted and reinterpreted over and over again in the light of contemporary knowledge and experience within a believing and worshiping community open to the leading of God’s Spirit into new truth.

For Anglicans, God’s grace is ever present to our rational minds, making it possible for God’s Spirit to lead us into truth. We believe that reason is more than logical analysis. It includes the intuitive way of thinking and knowing and therefore prayerful, contemplative reflection on contemporary human experience and knowledge in the light of the Scriptures and tradition.

The wisdom of the Christian community throughout its history is also important to our Anglican expression. We give special consideration to the first five centuries and the councils, creeds and canons. Tradition’s role is to give witness to the Scriptures through our worship and practices. We believe the Scriptures inform tradition and tradition informs the Scriptures.

Looking to Scripture, Reason and Tradition does not protect us in the church from disagreement and creative tension, but leads us to allow the authority of love to hold us together.

The Sacraments
We recognize and celebrate the historic seven sacraments. We believe the two sacraments instituted by Christ are primary to the life of the church. Baptism, in the Episcopal Church, is an initiatory rite practiced primarily by the pouring of water on the head as a sign of rebirth into the community. Holy Eucharist is the offering, serving, and eating of bread and wine as a remembrance of Christ's sacrifice and promises. Anyone who has been baptized, and for whom it is permissible with their own church, is welcome to receive Holy Communion in our church.

The other five sacraments of Confirmation, Matrimony, Ordination, Penance, and Healing are offered and observed as needed.

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